Why Long Island LSAT?

There is certainly no shortage of programs offering LSAT prep on Long Island, so why pick Long Island LSAT? Two Reasons stand out in particular.

1) We are better – We have the highest standards of all LSAT companies in the nation, and each of our LSAT instructors has previously taught for at least one major prep company. We have seen the merits of those programs as instructors, but we have also seen the downsides as well. Our program is different, we focus on developing the skills needed to score at an elite level, working from the ground up to cover the nuances of each section so thoroughly that any student’s score can increase. If you want proprietary jargon look elsewhere, but if you want to understand how LSAT questions work and how to get more of them right, we can help.

2) We are more affordable – We cost significantly less than major prep companies. Major prep companies have huge overhead marketing and staffing costs. We don’t carry these expenses, and are happy to offer more affordable pricing to our LSAT students as a result.