“I believe any serious applicant should make every effort to maximize their potential on the LSAT, and Stefan has proven he knows the secret to getting an outstanding score. His achievements demonstrate that technique, not just natural ability, is a major factor in succeeding on the LSAT.”

– Karen Buttenbaum
Former Director of Admissions, Harvard Law.

“I highly recommend Stefan Giudici and Long Island LSAT for anyone looking to get their highest possible LSAT score. Stefan has scored in the 99+% on the LSAT and I know he works tirelessly to get his clients to reach similar upper score bands. I have sent numerous people to Stefan and will continue to do so. Tell him I sent you!”

-Mike Spivey
Former Dean of Admissions,Vanderbilt Law,
Partner of The Spivey Consulting Group.

“I met Stefan 2 months ago after doing a random Google search on LSAT tutors located on Long Island. I was serious about my prep and desire to retake the LSAT after scoring a 149 the previous year. Any company you name I’ve had the experience of taking some version of their LSAT prep courses including Power score and Princeton Review. If I hadn’t taken the course I had all of the books advertised by companies as the best tools to improve my score, but nothing worked. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the basic concept of the LSAT or wasn’t capable of learning it, but I had a few misconceptions that needed to be corrected. These were things that were holding me back but I could not recognize.
Within the first time meeting Stefan I was hesitant if he was going to be the type of tutor I was looking for. I had heard no recommendations on him only having our telephone conversations and his word to go off of. But after out first session I knew he was going to be the one to help me with this retake. Not only did he come off as knowledgeable and genuine he didn’t just read the textbook lesson plans to me. He assessed what level I was at and told me flat out that my score did not match the knowledge I had of the actual exam. We went right into meeting 2x a week for 2-3 hours only having a month before the October exam. Stefan took me section by section and I could say within 2 weeks time he had corrected major misconceptions I had on various logical reasoning/ game types. Every week between our meetings and my separate prep of taking 3 exams a week I saw score improvements regularly. Through out my entire experience with Stefan no matter how many questions I asked or times when I needed a concept explained to me 10 different ways he always remained pleasant and positive . He was always confident that I would get the score I wanted and then some and he did all that was in his power to get me there.
If you ask Stefan will prep you in all aspects of how to succeed on the exam. Its more then just being present on test day theirs a mental aspect that I feel is necessary to having success on this exam. We worked on not over studying, getting my practice tests to be as similar to actual test day conditions and effective timing strategies for each section. Everything was accounted for I had a blueprint from Stefan going up until the day before the actual exam and I followed it. I ended up getting the score I needed!”

– Brittney, Long Island

“As a former instructor for Powerscore, and Testmasters, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many highly acclaimed LSAT instructors, Stefan from LI is among the most knowledgeable and personable I’ve encountered”

-Jeff, CA.