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Long Island LSAT was organized to provide high quality, affordable instruction to Long Island applicants. As word spread we started teaching our unique approach online and in person to clients across the U.S. Our experience is what sets us apart from the competition. Each of our tutors has previously taught the LSAT for major prep companies: We’ve had the chance to see what works, and what doesn’t. The curriculum was organized by a tutor who has classroom experience on both sides of the table, once as an LSAT student, and now as an LSAT instructor.  He improved his score by over 25 points, from a 150 to a final score over 175. Additionally, because we carry practically zero overhead costs, you can get a higher level of instruction for cheaper. Allow our instructors to help you reach your maximum score!

Why Long Island LSAT?

There is certainly no shortage of programs offering LSAT prep on Long Island, so why pick Long Island LSAT? Two Reasons stand out in particular.

1) We are better – We have the highest standards of all LSAT companies in the nation, and each of our LSAT instructors has previously taught for at least one major prep company. We have seen the merits of those programs as instructors, but we have also seen the downsides as well. Our program is different, we focus on developing the skills needed to score at an elite level, working from the ground up to cover the nuances of each section so thoroughly that any student’s score can increase. If you want proprietary jargon look elsewhere, but if you want to understand how LSAT questions work and how to get more of them right, we can help.

2) We are more affordable – We cost significantly less than major prep companies. Major prep companies have huge overhead marketing and staffing costs. We don’t carry these expenses, and are happy to offer more affordable pricing to our LSAT students as a result.

Our Methods

Our program is unique, as are our results. We focus on important aspects of the test that the others simply fail to address. We focus on building the skills needed to excel on the LSAT. Our one on one attention quickly nets results as we can focus on only one student at a time. We have spent countless hours analyzing the LSAT. We understand every question, and every pattern, and believe we have developed the best methods for dealing with each question in the most efficient way. We don’t seek to bombard you with slogans until you have a loose understanding of the test, but rather to foster the skills needed to handle anything they can throw your way. Contact us today to sign up, and find out why our methods have boosted scores by as many as 26 points.

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“I highly recommend Stefan Giudici and Long Island LSAT for anyone looking to get their highest possible LSAT score. Stefan has scored in the 99+% on the LSAT and I know he works tirelessly to get his clients to reach similar upper score bands. I have sent numerous people to Stefan and will continue to do so. Tell him I sent you!”

-Mike Spivey
former Dean of Admissions, Vanderbilt Law,
Partner of The Spivey Consulting Group